71 Gedichte

The first phase of this project was to expand the regular exhibition space conducting the online
exhibition 71Gedichte. The second phase is to expand the online exhibition space by hosting others.

These media art works are made for the internet mainly using internet material.
They are accessible for everyone and for free. *

Köln 5 Uhr 30 at the the photobookmuseum

About Chargesheimer

one hundred and one drawings music composed by Thomas Brinkmann

Daido Moriyama at the 6th International Photobook Festival

About Daido Moriyama

Allen Ginsberg singing "father death blues" 1995

Allen Ginsberg "A Desolation"

About Allen Ginsberg The Allen Ginsberg project

"breeze and pearls" special edition


Blog 71Gedichte

Every once in a while new guests will be staged on this site.

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