71 Gedichte
Boaz Kaizman

Title of the work:
71Gedichte/ 71 Poems (Adorno - "to write a poem after Auschwitz is barbaric").

The visual aspects: concrete poetry.
This work consists of 71 typewriting art works. Each sheet is presented in the shape of a poem (visually observed) but is actually the repetition - 15 times - of a Jewish surname.

The audio elements:
The work 71Gedichte also consists of an audio part - each name was spoken 15 times by a person randomly addressed on the street and recorded. The 71 audio parts were "composed" into one symphony.

The number 71: The Sanhedrin.
The Great Sanhedrin was the supreme court of ancient Israel that had 71 members. The Hebrew name comes from the Greek word "synhedrion" - "sitting together," hence "assembly" or "council".

The realization of this art work takes place in a real and a virtual world.